Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Swatching for the Christmas Tree Skirt

My white Wool from the Andes arrived on Friday from Knit Picks. It will be paired with the Christmas yarn to create a Christmas Tree Skirt.

I bought 11 skeins because I've learned that one can never have too much yarn. Just in the past year, I've run out of yarn twice. In the hopes that I never face that challenge again, I swung the pendulum to the opposite side and bought 300 more yards that I need. True, it's a bit extreme, but the last yarn shortage is still fresh (and painful) in my mind.

Of course, the first thing I did with the yarn was knit up a swatch of plain stocking stitch. Sitting next to the Christmas yarn, it is perfect. It is plain and ordinary, letting the hand-dyed yarn take the spotlight.

Because I refuse to knit an entire garment in stocking stitch (I simply must sneak in some cables or yarn overs), I have been tinkering over the past few days with a pine tree cable. What do you think?

I took the pics at night, so they're not the best.

Now starts the fun part: drawing the schematics and calculating the stitches. My goal is to cast on later this month.


Dana said...

Oh I look forward to seeing it "come to life", so to speak! I wish I had the guts to knit something that big (that isn't a sweater, LOL). I think that the pine tree cable is a great idea. :)


Windyridge said...

Looks like a very appropriate design. But wow a lot of knitting........

NaturallySpun said...


I love the pine tree cables! This is going to be great tree skirt.


Dana said...

Hey Marie, I forgot to ask... are you on Ravelry?