Friday, October 19, 2007

Genealogy with Gran

I spent yesterday with Gran (Dan's maternal grandmother). After having brunch at a local diner, we went back to her house to sit and talk. Spurred on by the genetic testing (for breast cancer) I am getting done, I lassoed her help to fill in some of the missing blanks on Dan's side of our family tree. We only ended up going back three generations, but she told me so many great stories.

After I got home, I spread out all the notes I took on our dining room table.

I quickly decided that the free forms I printed out weren't going to cut it; there is no room to write in all the stories Gran told me. So, I plan to make up my own template on the computer and just print them out later.

Other news: I only have 7 more inches to knit on my Mohair Stole.


Sheknits said...

That is so great you are going to keep a log of family stories...I regret not doing that kind of are we all to keep family heritage alive? Won't it be awesome for your grandchildren and great grandchildren to know something about their great great grandparents!

Windyridge said...

There are some pretty fancy genealogy programs available if you don't want to spend time on a template.

Dana said...

Familiy stories are so wonderful... the older I get, the more I am so grateful that my grandparents took the time to tell me all of them! It's so great that you're keeping record of yours- they're going to be great to pass on to your own kids one day!

Can't wait to see an updated pic of the mohair stole! :)