Sunday, November 11, 2007

Marjorie Mohair Stole

The Mohair Stole is finished!

I have named it after my Aunt Bette (Marjorie W.) because she will actually receive the stole as a Christmas present. I know I said it was going to give it to my MIL, but I changed my mind. I don't know why I thought it would be a nice gift for my MIL. She never wears stoles - Never. It would sit in her closet until the moths found a way in.

So, it's going to my #1 fan - my Aunt Bette. She is my pseudo-Mom. She is always telling people about me and my work. She's more proud of my work than I am.

The pattern for the stole is already uploaded to my Etsy store. I have also submitted it to the Knitting Vault. Fingers are crossed that it is approved.


Tracie said...


And really, the only reason I pop in on my blog and post so much is 'cause I'm usually avoiding work. ;-)

Marti said...


Dana said...

The stole looks wonderful! Isn't it nice to have a fan that lifts you and your work up? Those are the people I most enjoy making gifts for, don't you? :)

Windyridge said...

The colors came out great, and I like the pattern. What a lovely gift!

Nan said...

Beautiful! I'm sure she is gonna LOVE it!!