Thursday, July 26, 2007

28 blocks done, 44 triangles to go

The blocks are done for the CP (Chili Pepper) Quilt!

I finished them last night during the baseball game. True, I was supposed to be knitting a purse, but I frogged the design in the 4th inning. I couldn't just sit there for 5 more innings (actually the game didn't end until the 14th inning, so I really would have been bouncing off the walls. I simply MUST have something to keep my hands busy). So, I started pinning my blocks together. Then, all there was to do was stich them up and iron them.

It's so nice to see something accomplished on the quilt. So, it's not due until Christmas, but I'm trying to be strict with myself. I will not start a new quilt until this one is finished. I will not start a new quilt until this one is finished. I will not ....

I give myself a week before I cave. I've already designed a baby shower quilt to be gifted in September. Do you remember my model of the striped sweater? She and her hubby are expecting their first child. I'm making them a dragon/rainbow quilt because I couldn't find shamrock or sheep fabric. Who doesn't like dragons? They are just as cute as sheep and they will lead you to underground stores of gems.

And because Jake was so cute yesterday, I took pictures!

Here he is helping me garden. His job is to break up the big sticks into little sticks that can be used as firewood or thrown away. He's awfully good at it.

And here he is with a stick more his size.

Have a great day!


Tracie said...

I know what you mean about the itchy fingers. I don't go to many movies anymore 'cause I just can't sit for 2-3 hours without something in my hands. Harry Potter is the only exception!

Good luck on your submissions, too!! Here's hoping this year is great for both of us to get published!

PS: Cutie patootie puppy!

Marti said...

Great pictures! And you're inspiring me to start quilting again...